I’m studying interior design part time at Sheffield Hallam University. I work there as a disability adviser. I have a background in photography, and have previously studied philosophy to masters level.

I try to bring together these different interests and skills into my interior design work. I use the principles of inclusive design in my projects, and my disability knowledge and experience help me with this. I aim to design spaces that are accessible and enjoyable to as wide a variety of people as possible.

My photography skills are very useful for my studies – when making concept boards I use mainly my own images – and if I don’t have the right ones then the brief inspires me to take them! Composition, lighting, texture, colour, form and atmosphere are all, for me, very important in photography, and these are also important aspects of designing an interior space.

My background in philosophy helps me to take a very considered approach to my designs, to think critically about the brief,  and to write thoughtfully and reflectively about my projects.

I hope you like my work!