Visit to Krynkl and Kelham Island


Krynkl is a hybrid space using shipping containers as a building material.  It has only recently been opened up to the public and there are still ‘containers’ that are vacant.  I visited during a week day and felt a little bit like I was trespassing! It is described as a ‘leisure outlet’ on its website though and does have a huge sign saying ‘open’ on its side!

Inside there is a series of individual spaces made from shipping containers, rented by different businesses.  Among them there is a gym, a restaurant, a hairdressers, an events organisation company and a clothing shop.  There is also a rooftop bar.

It was great to see the versatile use of the shipping containers, and also to see an unused one, in terms of imagining possible spaces for the shipping container project for this module.

The interiors of many of the containers have been clad in what appears to be OSB.  The colour and texture of this material gave the spaces a lovely feeling of warmth, and the floor to ceiling windows to the exterior let light flood in (and gave a view of the construction site that is currently much of Kelham Island!) The entrances to each container were glass, surrounded by more floor to ceiling windows.  This gave each space a sense of openness.

Unfortunately there wasn’t much going on at the time I visited.  Many of the containers weren’t open for business, and I think I alarmed a lone woman in an office!  I have been told that on its opening day it was completely full of people though, and I imagine that on weekends this place will very much come to life.

After visiting Krynkl I looked around Kelham Island and came across some new buildings that contrasted in a really striking and beautiful way with their surroundings.  These buildings are a part of Little Kelham, a new housing project, designed by Citu, whose focus is sustainable design.  I was really fascinated by these buildings and was very excited to learn that there is a a show home open to the public where staff from Citu are available to talk about the low carbon technology and design features of the buildings. I will definitely be visiting!


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