Visit to Electric Works

Electric Works

This is an incredible space.  It is spacious, light, quiet and colourful.  It has been well considered for its intended users – the interior clearly reflects the creative industries that inhabit it.  It has been designed with a number of levels of use in mind – from businesses hiring a number of office spaces on the upper floors over a long period of time, to individuals using the co-working space on the ground floor on a more casual basis.  I was told that use is currently at 96% so this is a business model that seems to be working well.

The entrance space makes impressive use of the building’s four storeys, with sky lights letting in natural light and windows framing snap shot views across to Park Hill.  The co-working space on the ground floor is open plan yet quiet due to the beautiful sound proofing installation.  It also contains meeting rooms for hire, a kitchen space, benches, tables, desks, and every type of chair that Vitra have ever designed it seems! I was told that the furniture was expensive but this means that it has lasted incredibly well.  It is all seven years old yet much of it looks new.  There are also lovely and practical details such as Eames inspired coat hooks and multicoloured lockers.

The helter skelter is a fun addition, although I was mildly terrified as I descended.  I’m such a wimp.


Co-Working Space, ground floor

Fun and practical – coat hooks and lockers

Meeting room – ground floor


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