Products, Materials and Suppliers 1

Timber, Metal, Stone, Glass and Acrylic


Timber, Stone, Glass

End grain wood veneers

End grain wood veneers

Image from The Wood Veneer Hub


Flexible plywood 1

Flexible plywood 2

Flexible Plywood

Image from Silver Oak Ply

Accoya wood cladding

Reclaimed wood

reclaimed wood

Image from Hideaways

Reclaimed wood

reclaimed wood 2

Image from Lawsons

UK Timber

Textured timber wall panels (also suppliers of textured brick, concrete and stone panels)

textued wall

Image from Vtec Group


Tiles and stone


Image from Marshalls


Tiles 1

Image from Tiles UK

Metal, Acrylic

Bespoke Metal Finishes

Metal 1

Image from Metall-fx

Metal Sheets


Image from Metal Sheets

Metal Offcuts


Metal Cladding

Colour Anodised Metal


Power gloss acrylic

Various surfaces

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