Drawing Skills Week Seven

This week we looked at:

  • the relationship between plan, elevation and section. A plan will tell you where things are. The elevation and section add further information that cannot be obtained from the plan.  All three work together to give different types of information about the design.
  • two point interior and exterior perspective.
  • vanishing points.  Positioning a vanishing point inside the boundary of the image will give steep pitch lines. In interior drawing it is useful to have the vanishing point outside of the drawing.
  • isometric projections – all lines are symmetrical and not distorted by perspective.   Isometric drawings are useful to give a clear view of an interior.

I am studying part time so am not doing the technical drawing part of this module until next academic year.  I therefore found the work in this session quite difficult, but i think i’ve just about got it.  I’m looking forward to learning more about and practicing technical drawing next academic year.


Self-directed work:

  • to complete the drawings we began in the lesson
  • to colour code a line drawing indicating its two vanishing points (without looking at the example!) (image to follow)
  • to draw a two point perspective of the room layout that we used in the lesson




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