Drawing Skills Week Six

This week we looked at using marker pens to render our images.  In the session we looked at some basic techniques, such as ways of using the pens to create different effects (for example using a colour with grey to change its tonal value) and using other media with the pens to create different effects (such as white pencil to create the effect of light):


Practicing with Marker Pens

We practiced some of these techniques on an image of a hotel room.

Self directed work:

  • completing the hotel room
  • rendering another version of the hotel room
  • rendering the image we were given of a hall, using a photograph of it as our guide.

We were also instructed to look at Peili Wang‘s online tutorials on rendering, and any other online tutorials that seemed useful.  We were to look at the tutorials before continuing with any of our rendering.  Unfortunately I only read the message about this once I had completed rendering the hotel room from the session! However this proved to be useful as I could clearly see a difference in the quality of my work before and after I had watched the videos:




I also watched Rosario Caso‘s speed drawing of rendering a kitchen, and have been reading Drew Plunkett’s  Drawing for Interior Design (2009).  After watching more of Peili Wang’s tutorials I felt confident enough to have a go at rendering the hall:   

I am really pleased with this piece of work (described as ‘fantastic’ by Brian. Thank you Brian!) I spent a lot of time on it, in order to get to grips with different ways of using the markers, and I now feel a lot more confident about using them.  I experimented with:

  • layering colours to achieve an accurate portrayal of what was in the photo (doing so on a scrap piece of paper before committing it to the final image)
  • darkening the tones by layering the same colour
  • using other media over to help create the effects of light (and soot!) and different materials
  • using my greys (warm and cool) to change the tones of different elements.

Particularly useful advice from Peili Wang’s tutorials was to abstract any art work in the image and to always draw reflections in the vertical.

I noticed how different it is working from a photograph compared with imagining the interior – the latter felt more free and creative but the former was more useful for developing rendering techniques, and for achieving an image more representative of reality.

I really enjoyed this exercise and am pleased with how far I have come with using these pens in the past week.  My five year old daughter exclaimed ‘it look’s like the teacher’s photo!’ Sometimes the brutal honesty of the small child can be a very good thing!

Since this session I have been practicing using marker pens with crayons in sketches:

I have found the marker pens to be really great tools to explore potential colour schemes based on colours found in nature.


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