Drawing Skills Week Five

This week we looked at single point perspective in the drawing of interiors and were taught some more skills for rendering our images.

Rendering hints and tips:

  • Using two pieces of paper over the area you want to erase is a useful technique.
  • A kneadable putty rubber is a useful tool to lift off pencil from the page.
  • In drawing metals there will usually be high levels of contrast.

Single point perspective in interiors:

  • The vanishing point depends on where you (the drawer) are positioned in the room.
  • The vanishing point follows you as you move around the room.
  • The higher your eye level, the more of the room’s interior you will see.
  • It is important to choose the vanishing point that will give you the best view into the room, especially when working with clients, so that your ideas can be clearly conveyed.
  • Anything at a right angle to the drawer will appear as their true shapes and will not be distorted by perspective.
  • Anything that lies in the same plane as the drawer’s field of view must obey the rules of perspective.
  • Things below the eye level slope up towards the vanishing point and things above the eye level slope downwards towards it.
  • A useful method for drawing an interior in single point perspective is to draw the basic shapes first and then to begin adding the information.
  • The best place to start is by asking ‘where is everything in relation to me?’

In the lesson we practiced using these techniques:


Self directed work:

  • Three A1 pictures of objects using charcoal
  • One interior drawing in single point perspective

Single Point Perspective Interior:


Three objects in charcoal:



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