Drawing Skills Week Four

This week we were taught that:

  • crating is where you sketch a crate around the object you are drawing in order to better see the vanishing points.
  • in drawing objects the best place to start is with a line drawing, sketching the lines to the vanishing points.
  • by half closing our eyes when looking at an object we see its tones and aren’t distracted by colour, texture etc.
  • good observation + an understanding of theory = good drawing!

In the lesson we were asked to draw an object using these skills, and skills from previous weeks.  We were to explore the full tonal range of our soft pencils:


Self directed work:

Drawing two objects, again making use of the full tonal range of our soft pencils.  We were to draw the objects larger than they are, on A3 layout paper and to look for all the visual clues that tell us what materials the object is made from:



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