Drawing Skills Week Three

In this session we looked at different ways of expressing the information we can see, that it is important to look at things critically and with care, and to use varying media.

Some specific techniques we were taught:

  • The use of hatching adds dimension.
  • The use of shadows helps describe 3D qualities.
  • White lines next to dark lines shows light catching objects.
  • Using varying tones will demonstrate the amount of light and shade there is on each surface.
  • There can be a sudden or a gradual change in tone depending on how light is hitting the object.
  • The most highlighted area will be where the surface is at a right angle to the light.
  • The light source and shadows have a reciprocal relationship.

We looked at the tonal range of some of our pencils and crayons through shading, smudging as a way of giving an even finish, and briefly at ways of changing hue for example shading over existing colour with a different coloured crayon.


Class Work

Self-directed work was to draw a plan of a room, once using a ruler if needed, and then to trace it freehand. We were asked to render each image using different media.


Fineliners, crayons and biro


Kurecolor and biro


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